Disabling SCM810 Automatic Mixing Function By Channel

FAQ #110 Updated September 23, 2016


How do I disable the automatic mixing features of one channel of the SCM810? I want to plug a CD player into a channel, but I don't want it to be part of the automatic mixing.


This modification removes a given channel from the IntelliMix automatic mixing circuitry, so that a source such as music can be played through a channel of the SCM810 without affecting the automatic mixing of the unmodified channels.

1. Set the input slide switch to either Mic, Phantom, or Line to match the input device.
2. Modify the channel's Override Input to On.
3. Short jumper X116 to remove the channel from the MaxBus.
4. Remove R1083 and R1084 to remove the channel from the Last Mic Lock-On Bus. (see PCB legend for component placements)

You can also disable just the Last Mic Lock-On Bus by following instruction 4.

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