DIS DCS-6000 and DDS-5900 Interconnect Cables

FAQ #5375 Updated July 14, 2015


DIS DCS-6000 and DDS-5900 Interconnect Cables


Specifications for the DIS DCS-6000 and DDS-5900 discussion system interconnecting cables:

  • Cable type: CAT-5E (or better, i.e. CAT-6)
  • Wire gauge:  24 AWG minimum (smaller cables such as 26 AWG will limit the number of chair/delegate stations that can be daisy chained)
  • Stranded or solid:  yes - but stranded is recommended for better flexibility and handling in all applications
  • Cable Shielding:  required - F/UTP (overall foil shield, formerly known as FTP) or U/FTP (individual foil shield on each pair, formerly known as STP) or better
  • RJ-45 Connectors: shielded, to match cable and wire type; connectors with a latch tab protector are preferred
  • Cable Shield Termination:  shield drain wire must be terminated to RJ-45 connector shield tab at both ends

For permanently installed cables, consider terminating with an RJ-45 jack connector, instead of a plug connector.  The RJ-45 jacks are easier to field install since they use a punch-down type termination.

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