Differences between SE530 and E500

FAQ #3307 Updated August 31, 2017


What are the differences in the SE530 and E500PTH?


The SE530PTH is exactly the same as the E500PTH except for two things:

1. The SE530PTH includes a dual-mono adapter plug for compatibility with the in-seat entertainment systems on certain international airlines. At this time we do not offer this adapter as a separate accessory, although they are readily available at electronics dealers and shops at major airports.

2. The SE530PTH fit kit includes black foam sleeves in three sizes. The E500PTH fit kit includes yellow foam sleeves in one size. Near the end of the production run, some E500PTH units were packaged with one pair of medium-size black foam sleeves installed on the earphones, plus the yellow foam sleeves in the fit kit. The other sleeve options are the same in both fit kits.

During this transition period there may be some units in SE530 packaging where the earphone plug is etched with "E500" and vice versa. Rest assured an E500 and an SE530 is EXACTLY the same product even though you may find an etched E500 in an SE530 package.

The SE530PTH is currently shipping, although dealers may have inventory of one or both models. An SE530 model, which does not include the Push-to-Hear (PTH) accessory, is also available.

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