Differences between E4, E4C, E4G, E4C-N, SCL4

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What is the difference between all the E4 and SCL4 versions out there?


The E4 series was renamed into the SCL4 product line currently offered.  Many of the color offerings are also now available under the SCL4 line.  There were many previous names that the E4 was called. The E4, E4C, E4G and SCL4 are all the same earphone and will sound exactly the same. The difference is color and packaging. The E4 was dark gray, the E4C was white and the E4G was black.  The E4C also comes in black which is basically the E4G in a different package. They will all sound EXACTLY the same. The E4G shipped with an ear hugger which loops around the ear for a more secure fit of the earphone.

Also the E4G does NOT have more bass. Please click below for more info:

Difference between G version and C version earphones. E2c/E2g, E3c/E3g, E4c/E4g

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