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I have a V15 type IV that I purchased in the late 70s. The diamond fell off of the stylus arm. Until I could afford a new stylus, I replaced the whole cartridge with an old one and packed the V15 away. Now many years later I found it again. Is a replacment stylus available? And what is the difference between the one I have and the type III and type V? Is the type IV still being sold today? Many thanks!!!

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Thanks very much!!! Since the exact type IV stylus is no longer available, will a type III or type V stylus fit in my type IV cartridge? Will I be losing much by not using the original stylus part number?


Is a replacment stylus available for the V15 IV?
* Shure no longer sell a V15 IV stylus. Check Radio Shack; and Record King in New Jersey: phone 201-488-4232. Also do a web search using "phonograph stylus".

And what is the difference between the models?
* The V15 III did not have the dynamic stabilizer/brush. The V15 V has the dynamic stabilizer/brush and has better trackability than the V15 IV.

Is the V15 IV still being sold today?
* No. It was last sold in the late 1980's.

At 10/15/2001 12:15 PM we wrote - "Will a type III or type V stylus fit in my type IV cartridge?"
* The VN35MR will fit the V15 IV body.

A nice upgrade from the V15IV without spending too much is the M97xE cartridge.

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