Difference between ULXP4 and ULXS4 Receivers

FAQ #2483 Updated March 16, 2018


What is the difference between the ULXP4 (Professional) and ULXS4 (Standard) system?


The following table lists the differences between the two ULX receivers.

ULXP4 Professional Receiver ULXS4 Standard Receiver
Rack hardware included Rack hardware optional
Group and channel frequency scan Channel frequency scan
RF level and audio level meters Audio level meters
Adjustable squelch Fixed squelch
Metal receiver Plastic receiver
Can lockout front panel Cannot lockout front panel
Displays group/channel, TV channel, and frequency Displays group/channel and TV channel
Includes 1/2 wave antennas Includes 1/4 wave antennas

The same ULX transmitter models are used with either receiver.

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