Difference between the UT system and the UHF system

FAQ #658 Updated August 09, 2010


My question is what is the difference between the UT system and the UHF system. I currently own three of the PSM600 systems and I need one UHF headphone mic. Both systems have the MARCAD system and the UT is around 1/3 of the cost of the UHF system. I need high quality systems, I guess the question is: Is the UHF system still worth the extra money.


Here are some major differences:

UHF System: 200 user selectable frequencies; computer control of the receiver if desired; tone key squelch; metal construction - transmitter and receiver; two AA batteries power the transmitter; receiver offers extensive metering of RF and audio signal.

UT system: frequency is set at factory and is not adjustable by the user; no computer control; no tone key squelch; plastic construction; one 9V battery powers the transmitter; rudimentary metering of RF and audio signal.

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