Connecting XLR output to stereo 3.5 mm TRS mini plug

FAQ #2958 Updated October 24, 2008


I need to connect the XLR output of the LX4 into the 3.5mm mini *stereo* LINE-IN jack on a MP3 recorder. (I already have the switch on the back of the LX4 set to LINE).

How should I connect the XLR pin-outs to a TRS mini jack so I get a 'stereo' signal from the LX4's mono only output. In other words, how do I split the XLR output signal so *both* Left & Right channels get recorded?


XLR pin 1 - cable shield - no connection at TRS plug

XLR pin 2 - cable conductor A - connection to T and R at TRS plug

XLR pin 3 - cable conductor B - connection to S of TRS plug

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