Connect to UHF-R via CAT5 or USB when UA888 is used

FAQ #3127 Updated October 27, 2008


On Page 12 of the UHF-R Wireless User Guide it shows a mixed system with a UA888 controlling multiple UHF receivers and several UHF-R receivers all tied back to one controlling computer. This is the situation we will have on a project. I see in that detail that there is RS-232 control for the UA888 and USB to the first UHF-R receiver with a CAT5 network tying the multiple UHF-R receivers. Is there some reason the UHF-R portion of the control network must be connected to the computer via USB in this situation or is it possible to make the connection to the UHF-R receivers with a CAT5 network path from the computer to the router/switch in lieu of the USB connection shown? The all UHF-R systems on that same page of the Guide show network or USB options, but it wasn't clear if the mixed system diagram showed only USB for any specific reason.


You can connect the UHF-R via USB or CAT5 when doing a mixed system.

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