Configuring Cubase LE with Shure USB Microphones

FAQ #3602 Updated October 27, 2017


How do I configure Cubase LE to work with the PG42USB, PG27USB, or X2u?


  1. Plug the device into a USB port
  2. Open Cubase LE
  3. Open an existing project that uses audio
  4. Go to Device in the top menu
  5. Go to Device Setup
  6. Go to VST
  7. Click on control panel
  8. In control panel, you should see Shure Digital in the Direct Sound Input and the Direct Sound Output area
  9. Click on Shure Digital and Click Move Up on the right side
  10. Click OK to confirm move
  11. Click OK at the bottom of the control panel to exit the control panel
  12. You should be able to use your Shure Digital device now.

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