Cleaning KSM8 grill

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How do I clean the KSM8 grill?


Cleaning a Shure KSM8 is slightly different than cleaning other Shure microphones. While the KSM8 does not need any special cleaning supplies, its construction calls for a specific cleaning method. Here are the steps to properly cleaning a KSM8 grille.

Step 1: Remove grille from the microphone body. The KSM8 grille as a permanent cloth liner that is glued into the grille. Do not attempt to remove the windscreen/liner on the inside of the microphone. If this has been removed, the grille needs to be replaced as it affects the acoustics and wind/pop performance of the microphone.

Step 2: Mix a small amount of dish soap and warm water in a dish.

Step 3: Use a toothbrush and soapy water to scrub the mic grille from the outside only. Scrubbing for a minute or two should be enough for most cases.

Step 4: Run the outside of the mic grille underneath a stream of warm water. Do not try to clean the inside of the mic grille, as there is a waterproof coating that will prevent water from leaving the grille. Do not immerse the grille in water.

Step 5: Let the grille dry for two hours before putting it back onto the KSM8 body.

The grille can be replaced if it becomes damaged or if the inside cloth liner was removed.
RPM266: Replacement KSM8 Grille, Black
RPM268: Replacement KSM8 Grille, Nickel

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