Cannot see all of my UR4 receivers in Wireless Workbench

FAQ #3129 Updated May 27, 2010


I have 4 UR4D receivers and have them networked together using an ethernet router. When I connect to them with Wireless Workbench, I only see 3 of the dual receivers.


One possible problem is the MAC address of the receivers. Check the MAC address by following these instructions:

  1. Switch the unit on.
  2. Press the "Util" button
  3. Press the "Network" button
  4. Read the MAC address at the bottom line of the display

With a dual receiver the left and right receiver sections will have the same MAC address as they use the same network card. However, each UR4D or UR4S should have a unique MAC address.  If two of the UR4D or UR4S receivers have the same MAC address call Shure Applications Engineering at 847-600-8440.

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