Can I use UT and UC systems at the same time?

FAQ #1249 Updated September 25, 2008


1) Our church is considering purchasing 4 UT Series mikes for our drama ministry and a UC series mike for vocals. We currently have 1 UC unit in use. Do you see any compatability problems outside of making sure there are no conflicts with frequency?

2) Also, if we purchase 4 UT Series mikes, what would be our limitations on adding additional (1 to 4 units) UC Series mikes to the system.


1) There should be no problem.

2) There should be no problem as the UC systems are in different frequency bands than the UT. However, the UT systems might become a weak link in your system if it eventually expands to over 10 wireless systems, and might need to be replaced. If that scenario is a possibility, we suggest saving your money until you can afford a system made up entirely UC components.

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