Can I use a U1 or UR1 transmitter with my ULXP4 receiver?

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I have a ULXP wireless system. I would be interested to know if I can use a U1 or UR1 transmitter with my ULXP receiver as they use AA batteries. I assume it would have to match the same frequency group. Are the same frequency groups available for those transmitters?


1) U1 will not work, nor will the U2.

2) ULX-J1 shares frequencies with UR1-H4 and UR1-J5.  Groups/Channels do not match up. By using the master list frequencies (see the User Guides) it is possible to tune the UR1 to match a ULXP4 receiver. The RF signal from the UR transmitter will be recognized by the ULXP4 receiver. However, the tone key squelch signal sent by the UR transmitter will not be recognized by the ULXP4 receiver. Therefore, the tone key squelch circuit must be defeated on the ULXP4 receiver:

a) Power off the ULXP4 receiver.

b) Hold down the MODE button and the SET button on the ULXP4 receiver AND power on the receiver.

c) The "A" green LED in the upper left hand corner of the ULXP4 front panel will flash on/off, indicating that tone key squelch is defeated.

d) Press the SET button to keep tone key squelch defeated.

3) UR1-L3 band overlaps ULX-M1 band. All of the above apply to this hybrid combination as well.

4) UR1-G1 band overlaps ULX-G3 band. All of the above apply to this hybrid combination as well.

5) Though the ULX and the UHF-R use similar versions of Audio Reference Companding, there may be subtle undesired aural artifacts of using this hybrid set-up

6) The UR1 tone key squelch signal is modulated to provide data to the UR4 receiver.  The ULXP4 receiver will not properly recognize and display this data, e.g., the remaining battery life.

7) Infra-red sync is not available from the ULXP4 receiver.

8) All of the above also apply to the UR2 transmitter.

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