Can I change the FP42 phantom power to 48 volts?

FAQ #1326 Updated March 05, 2018


I have just ordered a FP42 mixer and have just found out that the the phantom power is 30 volts in your charts. My Sennheiser MKH60 runs on 48 volts is there a way to change the 30 volts phantom power output to 48 volts?


There is no 48 volt source inside of the FP42, therefore there is no modification to provide 48 volts of phantom.

Phantom power is defined as 11 to 52 volts. Any voltage in this range is phantom power. Your Sennheiser might work with the FP42 phantom power, but with less headroom.

You can also use an in-line phantom power supply. Sennheiser makes such a device.

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