Can a Y adapter be used to combine UHF antennas?

FAQ #2008 Updated October 24, 2008


I am the sound guy for our church, and I have two quick questions.

1) On our handheld U2/Beta 87A wireless mics, they are sending a very hot signal to our receivers. With the gain all the way down, they still peak out at the receiver when a person is singing on it. How can we fix this?

2) We have two U4D receivers, and are setting up remote antennas. Is it possible to just Y connect the antennas at the receivers, or is a distribution absolutely necessary? If we can just Y it, how many can there be before a distributor is needed?


1) If you are not hearing distortion, there is nothing to fix. If you hear distortion, a pad must be added to the U2 between the mic head and audio input of the transmitter. This is best done by Shure Service or a very qualified electronics technician.

2) A passive combiner or distribution amp is essential.

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