Can a PGX transmitter be used with an SLX receiver? And vice versa?

FAQ #3378 Updated February 21, 2018


I have SLX receivers with lavaliers and recently purchased PGX handheld mics. Are these items compatible?


Here is how to do this, but it is cumbersome.

1) You need a SLX4, a PGX4, and a PGX2. All must be in the same frequency range, like a SLX4-H5, a PGX4-H6, a PGX2-H6. H6 is a subset of H5.
2) Use the PGX4 to find an open frequency.
3) Use the PGX4 to set the PGX2 frequency using the SYNC function. (The SLX4 cannot SYNC a PGX2.)
4) Using a PGX reference table, translate the PGX4 CHANNEL setting into the frequency in MHz, e.g., 540.150 MHz.
5) Using a SLX reference table, manually tune the SLX4 to 540.150 MHz.

The reverse will not work: PGX receiver with SLX transmitter. Why? There is no method to retune the SLX transmitter except for the SYNC function, and SYNC does not work between a PGX model and an SLX model.

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