BLX receiver audio outputs

FAQ #4307 Updated June 18, 2013


Please provide details on the BLX receiver audio outputs.


On the BLX receiver, the ¼" phone jack output (50 ohms) will provide a balanced output signal. The mating connector must be a Tip-Ring-Sleeve (TRS or "stereo") ¼" phone plug in order to obtain the balanced output. The output is impedance-balanced with audio on the Tip, and no audio on the Ring or Sleeve.

The mic level XLR output (200 ohms) is also impedance-balanced with audio on pin 2, and no audio on pin 3 or pin 1.

The XLR output and the ¼" phone jack output may be used simultaneously. The phone jack output signal level is 14 dB greater than the XLR output.

Both outputs are protected against phantom power being supplied by the following mixer or device.

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