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I own 3 BG5.1 microphones. I generally use these for a Native American Drum. They pick up ok, but not as well as I expected.

We are on average about 3 feet away from the mic. It is located over the drum in the center we point it up so it picks up minimal drum sound.

What can I use, or what other microphone can I use to pick up that circle of men? I could multiple mic the group but that could get problematic we use a Mackie 408m PPM and it may run out of inputs. I would like to increase the vocal pick up. Suggestions?


The BG 5.1 is designed as a close-up vocal mic. It works best when used within 12 inches or less of the performer's mouth.

The BG 4.1 is designed for instrument use. It would be a much better drum microphone. If used for vocals, the BG 4.1 should not be placed closer than 6" from the performer as it has no protection from breath popping.

Cardioid microphones have a pick up angle of 120 degrees. Performers outside of the 120 degree angle will not be picked up as well. Try two BG 4.1 mics mounted on a stereo adapter like the Shure A27M. This will allow the two mics to pointed in different directions and increase the pick up angle.

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