Beta 87 microphone in a model 55 "Elvis mic" housing

FAQ #3047 Updated October 20, 2017


Does Shure offer the classic model 55 mic with a modern mic element like the Beta 87?


Shure does not offer a model 55 with a Beta 87 inside. However, this hybrid microphone is available from:

Carl Schreiber
16A Kingery Quarter
Unit 202
Willowbrook IL 60527 USA
Phone: 630.654.0053

Many of Beta 87A features have been maintained: the 3-point shock mount, the transformer shield, the RF filter, and the 2-stage pop filter.

Note that Shure does not endorse this product, nor will Shure service this product. We provide this information solely as a service to customers seeking such a hybrid microphone.

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