Beta 57 vs Beta 57A - output transformer

FAQ #608 Updated October 13, 2008


I saw in your FAQ that the Beta 57A has an output transformer and no humbucking coil. Does that mean that the mic will hum in a room with neon lights, or a light dimmer, like my guitar does? Are these two changes you've made to improve the mic or to make it cheaper to produce?


Unlike most guitars, the Beta 57A is well shielded from hum sources. The lack of a hum bucking coil has proven to be no problem in the field.

The addition of a transformer actually made the Beta 57A more expensive to manufacture than the Beta 57. The output transformer prevents detrimental loading when the mic signal is split multiple times to feed a mixing board, a recording board, and a monitor board for example. Without the output transformer, the sound of the mic might change each time the signal is split.

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