Beta 53 with WA360 in-line switch

FAQ #3266 Updated February 21, 2018


Will the WA360 in-line switch work properly with the Beta 53 headworn microphone?


The WA360 will work with the Beta 53, however there will be an audible click/pop whenever the switch is used. This occurs because the WA360 is designed to handle 5 volts of bias on pin 2, but not the 16 volts of bias provided by the Beta 53 preamp (model RPM626).

The RK100PK may be substituted for the RPM626, and then the WA360 can be used with no audible click/pop. The RK100PK provides 5 volts of bias on pin 2. The trade-off is that the Beta 53 will distort at a lower level of sound pressure due to the reduced bias voltage. This will be no problem for normal speech, but could be a problem for a loud singer or very loud talker.

The above information also applies to the Beta 54.

The WA360 may be used with the WH30XLR assuming that Tini-QG connectors are added to the cable between the mic and the supplied preamp.

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