Benefits of the Beta 87C over the 87A?

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I've been using a Beta 58A for over 2 years now (live), and I love it. I have recently been doing acoustic duos with a guy that uses the Beta 87. I've been recording our shows, and the 58A sounded great -- until I heard the 87A. The difference in clarity and overall quality is night and day - the 87 sounds crystal clear. Anyhow, to make a long story short, I've been researching the Beta 87A, and I'm getting ready to buy one -- but I checked out your web site, and see the addition of the Beta 87C. Other than having a little bit higher of a frequency response, what is the MAIN difference? I mean - realistically, how (or) will the 87 C benefit me over the 87A (as a vocal mic), and the main question I have is -- is there a price difference? Also - I assume the 87C also operates on Phantom power, although it doesn't say on the description page, where the 87A does say - am I correct in this assumption? Thanks for your help.


The primary difference is the pick-up pattern. The BETA 87A is a supercardioid; the BETA 87C is a cardioid. The 87C was introduced for performers using in-ear monitors. In brief, a cardioid mic is often preferred by in-ear monitor users as it sounds more "natural" with the in-ear mix.

If you use floor monitors, the BETA 87A may be a better choice as it will often provide a bit more gain before feedback than the BETA 87C. However, which model works better for you can only be decided via auditioning the mics.

Both models require phantom power for operation.

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