Banana Plug Adapter for M67

FAQ #247 Updated March 02, 2018


I have an older M67 Mixer that works quite nicely.

The problem is that in a new application, I need to use the line level out instead of the Mic level. On this model, the line level output uses a banana plug. Do you have any idea how I could obtain a banana plug to RCA adapter? Does such a item even exist?


We have never seen such an adapter. We suggest you build your own using Radio Shack parts.

The M67 post marked "2" goes to the RCA tip; the M67 post marked "3" goes to the RCA sleeve; the RCA sleeve might also have to connect to the M67 ground terminal, but try your setup first without this connection.

You can also use the M67 headphone output. It might drive the RCA line input perfectly.

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