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FAQ #3956 Updated September 11, 2018


What is the purpose of the AXT651 Talk Switch on the Axient system?


The AXT651 Talk Switch accessory on the Axient system allows the talent to switch the audio to different listeners. For example, a singer might want to tell their monitor engineer about an adjustment, but that should not go over the main PA. Television on-air personalities can push the button to talk to their producer.

There are three Talk Switch modes:

  • Push To Use TRS Output: audio routed to 1/4" TRS when button pushed, audio routed to XLR always on.
  • Push to Use XLR Output: audio routed to XLR when button pushed, audio routed to 1/4" TRS always on.
  • Push to Toggle XLR and TRS: button not pushed = XLR on, TRS off; button pushed = XLR off, TRS on.

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