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I recently have been studying the 200M mixer and I am confused about one of the outputs being "aux level". I have been all over Shure's website hoping to get a clarification of what is meant by "aux level" output but I am not getting the information I need. I understand what "mic level" output is and I understand what "line level" output is on other Shure mixers, but what is an "aux level" output on the 200M? How is it measured?


Aux is short for Auxiliary. An Aux level output is typically: unbalanced; a nominal level of -10dBV (0.1 volt); designed to feed an input with an impedance of 10,000 ohms or greater. As an example, an Aux output might feed a tape recorder input.

An Aux Level input typically accepts a signal from a tape recorder output, CD player output, VCR audio output, etc.

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