Apple ipod nano 6th generation with SE215 and CBL-M+-K

FAQ #4031 Updated February 09, 2012


Does the three button control on the CBL-M+-K accessory work with the Apple Nano ipod 6th generation?


The 3 button remote cable with mic, CBL-M+-K uses an integrated circuit chip that Apple has approved to work with all of its newer products: iPods, iPad, Mac Books, iPhones.  Any Apple product that works with the Apple 3 button control should also work with the Shure 3 button control. The Apple website states that the 3 button control is compatible with the 6th generation nano ipod. That means the CBL-M+-K accessory should be compatible.


Please note: it not feasible for Shure to test every new device that is introduced and every new firmware that is released.  There are simply too many products being sold that require earphones.

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