AP200K cable information

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AP200K cable information


AP200K: This is a cable assembly that allows a user to adjust the level of an ambient mic, such as the Shure WL93 (not supplied), that connects into the P2R 1/4" input jack. The AP200k consist of a TA4M connector, preamp module, and male TRS 1/4" plug. The preamp provides 12dB gain to the signal from the ambient mic; the output level adjustable via a thumbwheel potentiometer. The preamp also passes the 5V bias supply on the ring of the 1/4" TRS jack to the bias pin of the mic (pin 2). There is a 3dB low end roll off at 130Hz. The input impedance is approximately 20,000 ohms.



  • 5V Bias supply from P2R is passed to the preamp and to lavalier mic.
  • Provides 12dB gain, output level adjusted through thumbwheel control.
  • Provides 130Hz 3dB down point for low end roll off to reduce effects of stage rumble in monitor mix.
  • With Gain Potentiometer at full volume and the input shorted to ground, preamp output is < -90dBu A-weighting and 30kHz filter ON
  • Cable lengths provide convenient cable management for performers.
  • Preamp case allows easier handling and control over thumbwheel.
  • 20Kohms input impedance
  • "Zero" Position on Preamp will not pass any audio from the ambient mic.

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