Antenna distro for 'L4' Series receivers

FAQ #517 Updated July 17, 2007


We have a client that has 4 L4 receivers that we want to put on an antenna distro. Will the WA405 distro work with the L4 receivers? Also we would like to remote mount the 2 antennas, if possible on mic stands. Can the WA380 or WA490 series 1/2 wave antennas be mounted to mic stands?


The WA405 will work with the L4 receivers. Use two WA380 antennas for mounting on mic stands. Note that the WA380 is available as three models: A, B, and C. A covers: 169 to 185 MHz; B covers: 185 to 200 MHz; C covers: 200 to 230 MHz. Choose the model based on the L4 receiver frequencies.

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