AMS Mixer with non-AMS Mics

FAQ #3786 Updated October 16, 2017


I understand that a Shure AMS mixer will operate as designed only when paired with Shure AMS mics. Can I use the AMS mixer as a non-automatic mixer with non-AMS mic? If so, how?


You are correct that the AMS mixer will only work properly when paired with a AMS mic. An AMS mic has two cardioid mic elements placed back to back. Each operates from 7 Vdc bias supplied by the AMS input. The AMS mixer compares the level of the two mic elements and makes a gating decision based on the level difference.

The AMS mixer will work as a manual mixer with dynamic mics, like the Shure SM58. Do the following:

1) On each AMS channel, connect a wire from OVERRIDE IN to LOGIC GROUND. This gates on each AMS mixer input.
2) Add a balancing transformer to each AMS input. One example is the Proco transformer model ITX.

NOTE: The AMS mixer does not provide 48V phantom power. It will not work with phantom powered condenser mics.


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