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FAQ #555 Updated January 22, 2016


I have an older Shure mic with ALM Modulink cable. What is the function of each wire/pin in the ALM cable? Where can I purchase ALM cables?


Shure ALM cables are configured as follows:

pin 1 = no connection
pin 2 = red wire = bias voltage and audio
pin 3 = yellow wire = push-to-talk switch
pin 4 = blue wire = hang-up button (on back of mic)
pin 5 = black wire = ground for push-to-talk switch
pin 6 = white wire = unamplified audio (direct from mic element)
pin 7 = silver wire = ground for audio
pin 8 = no connection

As of January 2005, Shure discontinued all ALM cables. The supplier for many of the Shure ALM cables was Whitney Blake.

New London Technology, Inc. (434-525-0068) has some ALM cables still in stock as of 2010.

Whitney Blake fabricates connecting cables for communications products and may be able to provide a substitute for your ALM cable.

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