Adaptor: High-Z mic to Low-Z mixer?

FAQ #1758 Updated August 29, 2007


I've just bought a 520D, and have occasions where I cannot use my Fender amplifier for my harp. On these occasions, I use the High Impedance input on our sound mixer.

But, when we recently played a large club, the mic input box, connected to the snake, connected to their mixer, didn't have Hi-Z inputs, all Low. Is there an in-line device that will attenuate my signal, while changing my connection from 1/4" plug to standard low-Z 3 pin? I know I can wire my 520D either High or Low, but things are not consistent enough for hard-wiring in either configuration.


The A95U will work perfectly and convert the 520DX into a low impedance, balanced output.

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