A99SMA Metal Adapter Plate

FAQ #4399 Updated March 18, 2016


What are the details and dimensions of the A99SMA?


The A99SMA is a circular, black, steel plate with a large hole in the middle.
Outer diameter:  3.012 inches
Diameter of hole in the middle: 1.75 inches
Diameter of three outermost screw holes: 0.17 inch; center of each is 0.25 inch inward from the outer diameter; screw holes are separated by 120 degrees; holes are countersunk to accept #8 flat head screw
Thread for three innermost screw holes: #8-32 UNC-2B; used to fasten the Shure A400SM shock mount
Plate thickness: 0.12 inch

The A99SMA is used to cover the larger mounting hole required for the SM99.  Once covered, the A400SM may be installed for use with a Shure MX400 series microphone.

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