78 rpm records - reducing surface noise

FAQ #3142 Updated October 27, 2008


Has anyone uncovered a unique way to reduce surface noise on a 78 rpm record? I want to transfer my 78rpm collection to Compact Disc.


This idea was sent by a Shure customer.

"Using a Shure M78S cartridge, wired for stereo operation, I send the stereo signal (from the monaural 78 rpm record) through a Pro Logic surround-sound decoder. The decoder distributes the noise mostly to the front left and front right channels, and sends a surprisingly clean mono music signal to the center channel. I use the center channel signal as the source of my recording. I don't know if anybody else is using this method, but it's an inexpensive analog scheme to clean up old 45 rpms and early mono LPs."

Note: Shure has not tested this unique method of noise reduction.

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