545S wiring

FAQ #21 Updated January 15, 2016


I recently acquired a 545S microphone. It can be wired for hi-Z and lo-Z but cannot find any info pertaining to the 4 pin connector. I am not certain if impedance selection is done via the connector pins or internally.


The 545S microphone has a four pin MC4F Amphenol connector.

Pin 1 (sleeve of 1/4" phone plug) and pin 2 (tip of 1/4" phone plug) of this connector are the high impedance output. Pin 2 is hot.

Pin 3 (XLR pin 3)  and pin 4 (XLR pin 2) are the low impedance balanced output. Pin 4 is hot. Pin 1 is the ground/shield (XLR pin 1.)

The mating connector to the 545S MC4F is Amphenol part MC4M.

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