VP83F LensHopper Firmware

Current version: VP83F LensHopper™ firmware v 1.0.9

  1. Download VP83F LensHopper firmware zip.
  2. Unzip zip file.
  3. Copy VP83F firmware (filename - 001.000.009.VP83F) onto freshly formatted microSD card.
  4. Insert micro SD card with contacts facing up (towards top of device).
  5. Secure outer door.
  6. Power ON the VP83F unit (Left Button as you face LCD screen, Short Push).
  7. Note momentary Startup Screen indicating Firmware version in the lower right corner.
  8. From Home Screen, Joystick Right to Enter Main Menu.
  9. From Main Menu, Joystick Down to select UTILITIES.
  10. Joystick Right or Center Push to confirm.
  11. Joystick Down to select UPDATE FW.
  12. Joystick Right or Center Push to confirm.
  13. UPDATE FW? screen should be displayed.
  14. Screen should display current firmware on device and firmware on SD card.
  15. Joystick Down to select YES, Center Push to confirm.
  16. Note momentary UPDATING TO… screen, followed by momentary start-up screen, followed by FW UPDATE SUCCESS, followed by Home screen.