Professional Digital Wireless That Saves You Cash.

Solid construction, digital audio clarity and renowned microphone options (including the legendary SM58®) are the backbone of GLX-D® Digital Wireless’ award-winning wireless formula. But it’s the rechargeable lithium-ion battery that not only gives you more time to perform, but also thousands of dollars back in your pocket. Plus, GLX-D is easyto set up and available in a variety of configurations, including the first Shure pedal-mounted guitar option.

Available In

Guitar and Bass

Pedal-mounted or standard bodypack option.


For lead and backup vocals.


For vocalists, presenters, fitness instructors and drummers.


For presenters, instructors, teachers and clergy.


For brass, wind and percussion.

Cash In Hand

People often end up spending more on batteries than they did on the wireless system itself. Over the lifespan of one SB902 battery, AA users will have spent over $2,000 in replacements. With this kind of savings, we’re talking new strings, new mic stands, and another pedal on that board.

Charge Everywhere

GLX-D gives you four distinct options when charging a battery.

GLXD4 Receiver

Convenient charging port integrated right in front.

USB Wall Adapter

Your home recording setup also acts as a power station.

USB Car Charger

Forget to charge? Power up on your drive to the gig.

Docking Station

A portable home for your rechargeable battery.

Accurate Power Monitoring

What does two battery bars even mean? We’ve gotten rid of the guesswork by clearly displaying on the receiver the hours and minutes left in a battery’s charge. Start your set with confidence.

More Performing, less Recharging

Three hours of charge time will result in 16 hours of runtime. That will get you through a lot of performances and rehearsals without you having to remember to recharge. Crunched for time? A 15-minute charge will give you 90 minutes of runtime. And with a spare battery, you’ll never have to worry about being ready for a show.

Less is More

Every year 2.9 billion batteries end up in landfills. One SB902 battery will offset up to 2,500 batteries alone! Let’s all do our part to make the world a bit greener every day.

GLX-D is the ideal wireless system for musicians on the go. Want to learn more? Purchase systems from the perferred online retailers below, or learn more about GLX-D Digital Wireless Systems.

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