Shure SM58 50th Anniversary Edition Artist Charity Auction: Paul McCartney Limited Edition SM58

“The Shure SM58 has carried my voice to millions around the world over many years, and it still carries millions of voices to audiences every day. I am pleased to join with Shure in offering this special edition 50th Anniversary SM58 in support of a charity that is close to the heart of my family – here’s to many more years for both of us!”

—Paul McCartney


Shure and Paul McCartney have joined forces to produce a limited edition run of 300 serialized, custom painted 50th Anniversary SM58 microphones, featuring the classic photo portrait of the artist by Mary McCartney. These rare microphones will be made available at auction with all proceeds donated to the McCartney family’s charity of choice, Meat Free Monday. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of history while contributing to a worthy cause. Auction begins March 1st at 6pm CST

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Portrait Photo ©2011 MPL Communications Ltd./Photographer: Mary McCartney
Tour Photos ©2014 MPL Communications Ltd./Photographer: MJ Kim

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