• Dual Channel Handheld
  • ULXD24D/B87A
Wireless Systems Family

System Includes

ULXD2 Handheld transmitter with choice of microphone cartridge.
ULXD4D Two channels of uncompromising audio quality, RF signal stability and efficiency, and advanced setup features in a single rack unit.

Featuring uncompromising 24-bit audio clarity, efficient RF performance, and AES-256 encryption, ULX-D® Digital Wireless sets a new standard for professional sound reinforcement. Optional rechargeable accessories are available.

Includes 2 ULXD2/B87A handheld transmitters, ULXD4D dual-channel receiver, microphone clip, zipper bag, 4 AA batteries, battery contact cover, two 1/2 wave antennas, hardware kit, two 2' BNC cables, 2 BNC bulkhead adapters, 3' ethernet cable, IEC power cable, 2' IEC power BNC cable, and user guide.

ULX-D Brochure (PDF)
ULX-D Brochure

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