• Dual Channel Handheld
  • ULXP24D/87
Wireless Systems Family

System Includes

ULXP4 Single-channel Diversity Receiver. Available in dual systems. Up to 62 compatible systems (multi-band).

ULX® Professional Wireless Systems provide sound installers and working musicians with limitless options. Advanced features include lockable settings, group scan function, over 1400 selectable, pre-programmed frequencies, and automatic frequency selection.

Includes 2 ULX2/SM87A handheld transmitters, 2 ULXP4 professional diversity receivers, 2 microphone clips, 2 grip/switch covers, screwdriver, 2 zipper bags, four 1/2 wave antennas, 2 power supplies, 2 batteries (9V), rackmount kit, and user guide.

ULX Wireless Brochure (PDF)

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