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Designer is a software application that enables systems integrators, designers, and sales support staff to create projects with multiple “virtual” MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphones positioned over an imported room layout diagram.

The pickup lobes and other settings for each MXA910 can be configured and saved on the user’s computer, without being connected to any MXA910 hardware. These settings then can be exported as device preset files, which can be imported into each physical MXA910 through its user interface.

Requires Windows 7 or higher.


  • Allows accurate configuration of multiple MXA910s used in one room
  • Provides a convenient way to organize larger installations of MXA910s in multiple rooms or buildings
  • Enables preset files to be sent to someone on site and imported into each physical MXA910 device user interface
  • Project files can be shared with other Designer users so that multiple people can work on a project
  • Saved Designer files are also a backup for installed MXA910s in the field

Download & Installation

Designer is available for free download from the Shure software portal:

  • New user? Click here to register to download Designer
  • Already have a Shure software portal account? Log in at to download Designer
  • Click "Your Downloads" or "Recent Releases" to download the software

Note: Initial download requires users to accept an End-User License Agreement.

Software installs on any computer running Windows 7 and up. Consult the Designer user guide for more information.

Release Notes

Version 3.0

UPDATE: June 20, 2018:
Designer 3.0 is compatible with MXA910 version 3.0.24

Release Date: 8/2017

Initial release

Known Issues

  • When importing a Designer preset file into the MXA910 web application, attempts to immediately export that file out of the web application will fail if it's not first loaded and saved to the MXA910
  • When importing a Designer preset file into the MXA910 web application using MXA910 release 2.0.8 and earlier, attempts to use the low shelf filter after rebooting the device will fail if the preset file was not saved to one of the preset slots


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