Hardwired Bodypack for use with PSM®400 Personal Monitor Systems. 

Note: When purchasing separate wireless components, please match their frequency bands to ensure proper system operation.

P4HW User Guide
  • Key Features:  Attached input cable, High-impact plastic chassis
  • Operating Controls:  Operating mode (Stereo, Mono, MixMode), Volume & Balance knobs, Defeatable limiter, High-frequency boost, -15 db Pad
  • Backlit LCD Indicators:  Battery life, Input level, Operating mode
Frequency Response
20 to 20,000 Hz
Maximum Input Power
+7 dBu, input pad OFF
Output Connection
> 40 kilohms
Battery Life
9 V Alkaline battery
User Guides
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P4HW User Guide German PDF 690 kb
P4HW User Guide English PDF 668 kb
P4HW User Guide Spanish PDF 683 kb
P4HW User Guide French PDF 688 kb
P4HW User Guide Italian PDF 645 kb