The P9T is a half-rack wireless transmitter used in conjunction with the P9R Bodypack receiver as part of the PSM®900 Wireless Personal Monitor System.

It offers state-of-art technology like CueMode (patent pending), Scan and Sync, and RF mute switch for easy setup and operation.

Connections include balanced 1/4” and XLR, loop out, and headphone out. Includes rack-mounting kit, front or back mountable antennas, and power supply.

Note: When purchasing separate wireless components, please match their frequency bands to ensure proper system operation.


PSM 900 & PSM 1000 Brochure (PDF)
PSM 900 Specification Sheet (PDF)
PSM 900 & PSM 1000 Brochure
PSM 900 Specification Sheet
PSM900 P9RA User Guide
PSM900 User Guide
  • RF Mute Switch allows system setup without causing RF interference
  • Syncs to a P9R bodypack quickly and easily over IR link using Scan and Sync
  • Front panel audio input gain adjustment and LED level meter with clipping indicator
  • Front or back mountable antennas
  • Compatible with PA421A and PA821A antenna combiners
  • Loop out connectors for multiple mix setups and easy installation
  • Switchable +4 dBu and -10 dBV input level
  • Balanced, 1/4” and XLR connectors
  • Bit-mapped, backlit LCD
  • Includes rack-mounting hardware
  • 1/8” headphone out on the front panel for easy monitoring
Name Availability

UA8 is a 1/2 wave omnidirectional receiver antenna for UHF-R®, ULX®, SLX®, ULX-D®, and BLX4R receivers (frequency range dependent) and PSM transmitters.

User Guides
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