DRS-10 Digital Remote Switch

Provides remote access to all 10 scene presets stored onboard the DFR11EQ Version 5, DFR22, and P4800.

Product Details

Provides remote access to all 10 scene presets stored onboard the DFR22.  (Also compatible with the DFR11EQ Version 5 and the P4800, both discontinued.) 

This switch can also be used to expand the external control capability of the DFR22 and P4800.



The DRS-10 consists of three assemblies:

1) Hardware Adapter: Communicates directly with DFR11EQ Version 5 by converting the analog signal generated by the switch into digital RS-232. Adapter plugs directly into the RS-232 serial port on back panel of the DFR hardware unit.

2) Switch Assembly: Consists of a 10-position switch that can be customized to select up to 10 scene presets.

3) Wall Plate Kit: Includes a customized wall plate for the switch assembly, a wall plate label to indicate the switch position of each scene, and a knob to turn the switch assembly post.


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