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The VP89 is a professional shotgun condenser microphone for use in critical broadcast and media production applications.

Designed with interchangeable long, medium, and short capsules, the VP89 models provide scalable, superior off-axis rejection for focus and flexibility in a wide variety of on-site locations.



Updated Technology

  • State-of-the-art preamplifier redesign
  • Superior RF immunity
  • Internal low-frequency roll-off
  • Recessed low-cut filter switch for additional control
  • Smaller footprint
  • Superior Shure design and rugged, roadworthy construction

Modularity: Long, medium, and short cartridge / barrel housings


  • For targeting sound sources over long distances (sporting events, ENG, wildlife, field recording)
  • Extremely narrow pickup angle
  • Unmatched quality of off-axis rejection


  • Wider target aperture for greater degree of ambience (audience response, talk shows, live concerts)
  • Narrow pickup angle
  • Unmatched quality of off-axis rejection


  • High volume, widest aperture for greatest degree of ambience in near-field target range (camera mounting, discreet mounting) 
  • Wide pickup angle
  • Unmatched quality of off-axis rejection

Full Range of Complementary Accessories

  • Carrying case and foam windscreen included
  • Custom premium suspension windshield kits* (L/M/S options):
    • Suspension mount
    • Rigid windshield (“blimp”) for full microphone enclosure with included grey fur sheath option
    • Boom adapter and pistol-grip mounting options
    • XLR-XLR cabling
  • Custom dark grey slide-on fur windshields* (“Softie,” L/M/S options)
  • Mounting options*
    • Custom boom mount (L only)
    • Pistol-grip mount (M/S options)
    • "Hot shoe" camera-top mount (M/S options)
    • CCA side-rear mount (M/S options)

*Exclusively manufactured by Rycote® Microphone Windshields Ltd. for Shure

Microphone Type
Polar Pattern
Frequency Response
Form Factor
Model Line

Available Options

VP89L Long Shotgun Microphone with Case & Foam Windscreen
VP89M Medium Shotgun Microphone with Case & Foam Windscreen
VP89S Short Shotgun Microphone with Case & Foam Windscreen
Type Electret Condenser
Frequency Response VP89L: 40–20,000 Hz; VP89M: 50–20,000 Hz; VP89S: 65–20,000 Hz
Polar Pattern Hypercardioid / Lobar
lmpedance 115 Ohms
Sensitivity 21.1 mV/Pa

Additional specifications are available in the user guide.

Product Reviews

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“The VP89 series of mics has given me unparalleled tools to capture the spatial ambience of pro football, basketball, and baseball stadiums and arenas across the country.”

–Dave Grundtvig, Senior Audio Mixer; CBS, TNT, WGN

“Being able to have that low-end glove pop and that woody bat sound: that’s what I love about these Shure shotgun mics. It’s now my signature sound.”

–Erik West, Broadcast Audio Engineer

Software & Downloads


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Broadcast & Media Production Brochure English PDF 4.77 mb

CAD Drawings

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VP89 CAD File English ZIP 30.2 kb

User Guides

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VP89 User Guide

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