Low-impedance mic designed for close-talk headworn applications such as remote-site sport broadcasting.

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The Shure SM10A is a low-impedance, unidirectional dynamic microphone designed for close-talk head-worn applications such as remote-site sports broadcasting and corporate intercom systems. It is also ideal for singing drummers, keyboard artists, and other performers who need a head-worn vocal microphone with superior noise rejection and a smooth, natural-sounding frequency response.


Live Vocals

Microphone Type


Simple, rugged diaphragm/coil. handles extreme volume levels without distortion.

Polar Pattern


Picks up the most sound in front of the microphone and some from the sides. Less susceptible to feedback in high volume environments.

Frequency Response


Smooth, extended response. Tuned to accentuate specific types of instruments or voices.

Form Factor


Model Line


SM Microphone Product Brochure (PDF)
SM10A User Guide (PDF)
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FAQ's for SM10A

The SM10A is very lightweight and is typically mounted on the supplied steel headband assembly. An adjustable pivot on the headband assembly allows the microphone boom to be moved 20 degrees in any direction. The boom also slides out so the microphone can be positioned up to 89 mm (3 1/2 in.) from the pivot housing. A supplied windscreen reduces wind noise and explosive breath sounds.  Other features:

  • Close-talk design provides excellent isolation and minimizes gain-before-feedback
  • Extremely rugged with fully adjustable headband and microphone boom
  • Unidirectional(cardioid) polar pattern for superior rejection of unwanted sound
  • A clip that fits over the XLR connector and attaches to the user's belt or waistband, providing cable strain relief
Dynamic, close-talk
Frequency Response
50 to 15,000 Hz
Polar Pattern
Cardioid, uniform with frequency, symmetrical about axis

    RK200BC Belt Clip

    Belt Clip for SM10, SM11, SM12 and SM14 microphones.

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    RK184WS Windscreen

    Black foam windscreen for SM1, SM2, SM10A, SM12A, SM14 microphones.

    from $16.00