Headset Condenser Microphone for use with Performance Gear, PGX, BLX, GLX-D Digital, and SLX Wireless Systems.


Live Vocals

Microphone Type


Lightweight, sensitive diaphragm. Precisely and smoothly captures sound nuances. Powered by battery or phantom power supply.

Polar Pattern


Picks up the most sound in front of the microphone and some from the sides. Less susceptible to feedback in high volume environments.

Frequency Response
Form Factor


Model Line


PG Microphone Product Brochure (PDF)
PG Microphone Product Brochure
PG30 User Guide
  • Comfortable wireframe for secure fit
  • Smooth, natural frequency response comparable to quality handheld microphones
  • Reliable at temperature and humidity extremes 

Replacement Windscreens: RK322

User Guides
File Language Type File Size
PG30 User Guide Chinese-Simplified PDF 1.03 mb
PG30 User Guide German PDF 983 kb
PG30 User Guide English PDF 996 kb
PG30 User Guide Spanish PDF 993 kb
PG30 User Guide French PDF 983 kb
PG30 User Guide Italian PDF 994 kb
PG30 User Guide Japanese PDF 998 kb
PG30 User Guide Korean PDF 1.02 mb
PG30 User Guide Portuguese PDF 977 kb
PG30 User Guide Russian PDF 1010 kb