Microflex Advance Ceiling & Table Array Microphones

Microflex Advance Ceiling & Table Array Microphones

New Product — Versatile and elegant AV conferencing solutions that discreetly and precisely capture the richness of the human voice.

  • MXA910 Ceiling Array features Steerable Coverage™ of up to 8 separate lobes to accurately capture sound sources from above
  • MXA310 Table Array features innovative toroid polar pattern, which rejects overhead HVAC and fan noise
  • Proprietary IntelliMix® DSP Suite optimizes voice quality by reducing room noise and improving speech intelligibility
  • ANI4 Network Interfaces route signals to and from Dante network; available with block or XLR connectors

System Details

Corporate AV conferencing often happens in spaces with premium visual aesthetics and poor audio quality. With Microflex® Advance™ Ceiling and Table Array Microphones, Shure combines the trusted quality of Microflex Microphones with a best-in-class level of flexibility, technology and control. The result is unmatched “invisible audio” for elite AV conferencing environments.

Groundbreaking accuracy in audio capture with proprietary Steerable Coverage™. The elegance of Dante™ Networked Audio. Seamless, browser-based control that offers easy integration with existing AV/IT infrastructure.

With Microflex Advance, installers don’t have to compromise room aesthetics for audio quality. And IT professionals don’t have to be audio experts to deliver expert audio.

Watch the MXA910 and MXA310 Demo Video


  • Shure Premium Audio Experience. Pristine speech intelligibility required for efficient and effective communication.
  • Elegant, Versatile & Scalable Solutions. Sleek contemporary array microphone designs fit seamlessly into diverse AV environments, from sophisticated boardrooms to dynamic huddle and multipurpose spaces.
  • Intuitive, Networked System Control. The convenience of Dante networked audio. Powerful browser-based software for simple setup and configuration.

The following are part of the Shure Microflex Advance Training video series.

For MXA910:

How to Install MXA910 Ceiling Array

MXA910 Steerable Coverage

How to Prepare MXA910 for Painting

For MXA310:

MXA310 Light Ring and Mute Button Configuration

MXA310 Steerable Coverage

For IntelliMix:

IntelliMix DSP Suite

View the complete Shure Microflex Advance Training video series, including overview videos for each component.

Software & Downloads

Architectural Specifications

File Language Type File Size
ANI4IN Architectural Specifications English PDF 349 kb
ANI4OUT Architectural Specifications English PDF 296 kb
MXA310 Architectural Specifications English PDF 321 kb
MXA910 Architectural Specifications English PDF 1010 kb


File Language Type File Size
Microflex Advance Brochure English PDF 6.52 mb

CAD Drawings

File Language Type File Size
ANI4IN-BLOCK (BIM) English ZIP 2.64 mb
ANI4IN-XLR (BIM) English ZIP 2.75 mb
ANI4OUT-BLOCK (BIM) English ZIP 2.6 mb
ANI4OUT-XLR (BIM) English ZIP 2.56 mb
MXA310 (BIM) English ZIP 3.88 mb
MXA910 (BIM) English ZIP 11.8 mb
ANI4 English ZIP 1.12 mb
MXA910 English ZIP 4.2 mb
MXA310 English ZIP 1.05 mb


File Language Type File Size
ANI4IN Command Strings PDF 479 kb
ANI4OUT Command Strings PDF 214 kb
MXA310 Command Strings PDF 250 kb
MXA910 Command Strings PDF 253 kb

Specification Sheets

File Language Type File Size
ANI4IN Specification Sheet English PDF 327 kb
ANI4OUT Specification Sheet English PDF 273 kb
MXA310 Specification Sheet English PDF 776 kb
MXA910 Specification Sheet English PDF 533 kb

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