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The KSM9HS is a premium vocal condenser microphone that captures vocal subtlety with extraordinary detail to deliver clear articulation, functional flexibility, and precise vocal reproduction for live performance.

Engineered to exacting standards, the KSM9HS reveals nuance and subtlety in a microphone optimized for the most demanding live environments. With its dual diaphragm design and switchable polar patterns (hypercardioid / subcardioid), the KSM9HS is the choice for the world's most accomplished vocal performances.


KSM9HS microphones offer exceptional consistency across all frequencies, providing more gain before feedback, while decreasing proximity effect. As the premier choice in handheld wireless microphone options for Axient®, UHF-R®, and ULX-D™, KSM9HS microphones are built to exacting Shure endurance standards, renowned worldwide and proven night after night, center stage.

  • Exceptional consistency across all frequencies, providing more gain before feedback, while decreasing proximity effect
  • Dual gold layered, low-mass Mylar® diaphragm design
  • Switchable polar patterns (hypercardioid and subcardioid)
  • Advanced suspension shock mount
  • Premium electronic components including Class A transformerless preamplifier circuitry
  • Gold-plated internal and external connectors, including XLR Output Durable aluminum housing
  • Available as wireless handheld transmitter SKUs
  • Zippered carrying case
Microphone Type
Frequency Response
Form Factor
Model Line
Type Condenser (Electret Biased)
Frequency Response 50 to 20,000 Hz
Polar Pattern Hypercardioid and Subcardioid
Phantom power required? 48 Vdc +/- 4 Vdc (IEC-268-15/DIN 45 596), positive pins 2 and 3

Additional specifications are available in the user guide.



    Securely mounts the KSM9 or KSM8 Dualdyne™ vocal microphone to a standard microphone stand.

    from $14


    Zippered carrying case for KSM9 and KSM9HS.

    from $59

Product Reviews

KSM9HS Reviews

The Shure KSM9 condenser microphone is well known among the professional touring audio crowd for exacting vocal applications, with a switchable polar pattern from cardioid to supercardioid. The new KSM9HS brings a pair of more unusual but quite useful polar patterns: hypercardioid and subcardioid...

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After hearing a lot of great things about the Shure KSM9HS, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one to try out. It’s a handheld vocal condenser (electret-biased) microphone with dual diaphragms and switchable polar patterns – hypercardioid and subcardioid – that can be selected via a switch located under...

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KSM Microphone Product Brochure English PDF 1.91 mb

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KSM9HS Specification Sheet English PDF 409 kb

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KSM9HS User Guide PDF 966 kb

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