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The MXCW640 Wireless Conference Unit brings wireless convenience to discussions and conferences. The unit can be configured for Chairman, Delegate, Listener, or Ambient Microphone operation and supports multiple microphone activation modes to suit different meeting styles.

The 4.3-inch color touchscreen provides easy access to meeting information, including the speaker list, voting, and interpretation channel selection. The 10-pin modular connection accommodates MXC-series gooseneck microphones and can be locked for added security. The built-in loudspeaker provides high intelligibility and remains on even when the microphone is active.

Speak and mute/function buttons provide positive feedback when pressed and include LED status indicators. An NFC ID card slot allows identification of meeting participants. Dual 3.5mm headphone jacks with individual volume controls provide comfortable listening to interpretation channels or floor audio through headphones or earphones.

The MXCW640 operates for over 11 hours on a fully-charged battery. The SB930 rechargeable Li-Ion battery (included) slides into the rear of the conference unit, and is removable for charging in the MXCWNCS networked charging station. A micro-USB port allows the battery to be charged while installed, while the conference unit is operating.


  • 4.3 inch color touchscreen displays user controls, voting, or meeting information
  • 10-pin modular lockable connection for MXC-series gooseneck microphones
  • Built-in loudspeaker remains on when microphone is activated
  • Speak and mute/function buttons with LED status indicators
  • NFC ID card slot for participant identification
  • Dual 3.5mm headphone jacks with volume controls
  • SB930 removable rechargeable Li-Ion battery (included) provides over 11 hours of runtime

Software & Downloads


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Microflex Complete Wireless Brochure English PDF 5.28 mb

CAD Drawings

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MXCW640 CAD Drawing English PDF 1.02 mb



To install firmware for this product, Shure Update Utility is required. For more information, reference the Quick Start Guide for Shure Update Utility.


File Date Download Size
MXCW640 - Wireless Conference Unit See release notes Posted November 20, 2018 Download PACK (27.4 mb)

These release notes cover the following models:

  • MXCWAPT Access Point Receiver
  • MXCW640 Wireless Conference Unit
  • MXCWNCS Networked Charging Station

Bug Fixes

MXCWAPT Web Browser Interface

  • If updating from version 1.0.0.X and the browser interface is open, the interface will incorrectly show “Hosted FW update failure” even though the update is actually successful.
  • Admin View
    • Devices
      • NFC users can’t be sorted by seat name on the Devices list.
      • When an MXCW640 configured in Ambient Role is powered off, and then de-registered from the Devices list, it remains on the Devices list.
      • If an MXCW640 set as an Ambient role is selected on the Devices list, gain setting can’t be changed.
      • Sorting changes on the Devices list aren’t persistent when changing between views, refreshing the page, or rebooting the MXCWAPT.
      • When multiple MXCW640 units are selected on the Devices list, mic gain settings can’t be changed.
      • When using “Identify” on the Devices tab, the Start and End seat values don’t update when re-selecting “All Seats”.
      • From the Unregistered Devices and Firmware Updates tab, MXCW640 units set as Ambient can’t be identified.
    • Audio
      • If the Group Name field is left blank and then you click on a different group name, the field left blank remains blank rather than reverting back to its previous value.
      • Meeting Controls
      • When “Only admin/chairman can turn off participant microphones” is selected, the “Prevent double-press of Speak button” is still allowed.
      • Interpretations Setup screen does not display the channel number or language abbreviation on the MXCW640.
      • Indication of audio sources available on the Interpretation screen is incorrect if audio channels are already routed.
    • Settings
      • When set to Manual IP configuration and an invalid IP address is entered, an error message is missing.
      • When updating the password for Admin, Chairman, and Display roles and invalid characters are entered in the Password field, an incorrect error message is shown.
      • MXCW640 factory reset button doesn’t work.
      • After region and country are changed, "System configuration" appears while the Access Point reboots but doesn’t change after the Access Point has finished rebooting and the web browser interface needs to be refreshed.
      • "Colombia" is misspelled.
  • Chairman view
    • NFC users can’t be sorted by seat name on the Devices list.
    • Requests list can’t be reordered.
    • Searching for NFC participant names doesn’t work.
    • Mute All” is not disabled when logging out or closing the browser interface.

Command Strings

  • When an NFC card is inserted, SEAT_NAME is incorrectly reported.


  • In rare cases, there may be continuous intermittent audio artifacts on an individual unit that are resolved by restarting the unit.
  • Tech menu can’t be accessed when connected to an MXCWAPT Access Point on a different firmware version.
  • "Exclusive" button appears twice on screen for the Chairman role.
  • When the left button on a Chairman MXCW640 is configured to Exclusive and then "Exclusive" is initiated on the MXCW640, the Exclusive function remains active even if changed to another function.
  • "Mute All" doesn’t work and audio is still being passed from conference units.
  • "Sign Out" button is not translated to the language set for the unit.
  • When the left button function is set to “No Function”, the Speak LED is not shown on both LEDs.

Known Issues


  • In extremely rare cases, a user may see issues during system SSID changes, where the Access Point or MXCW640 units don’t change as instructed. Restart affected devices and set correct SSID.
  • Access Point is not discovered by Shure Web Discovery App when the Audio network IP configuration is set to Manual (Static). Power cycle the Access Point.
  • Web Browser Interface
    • Any MXCW640 units selected on the Access Point’s browser firmware page will unexpectedly be updated when Shure Update Utility updates the hosted Access Point firmware.
    • In Chairman view, the "Favorites" pin isn’t persistent.
    • For -B and -W SKUs only: Following a country change, the Wireless tab displays channels as “good” prior to completing a full spectrum scan.
    • In the Audio Output page, error messages are not completely visible as they are overlapping with other UI elements.
    • Web browser interface unexpectedly stops displaying information on the Firmware Update screen.
    • Some UI translations are missing or incorrect.
  • Dante
    • During the firmware update process via Shure Update Utility, Dante/AES67 audio is not immediately muted.
    • Emergency audio goes out all Dante/AES67 output channels, including those that do not have audio sources assigned to it.

Command strings

  • Unable to communicate with Ambient units with command strings.
  • < SET x FLASH ON > command to MXCW640 doesn’t generate a response.


  • In rare cases, a MXCW640 unit may appear stuck and only display the Shure logo. Restart the unit.
  • When exiting the Tech menu and after an NFC card is inserted, you will incorrectly see the “Reading card” message.


  • Fall-back IP address may change following a power cycle due to Windows operating systems.


  • User Guide
  • To use MXCW version 1.0.3 with other Shure software, reference the following list of minimum versions:
    • Shure Update Utility 2.4.3
    • Shure Web Device Discovery 1.2
    • Shure NFC Programming Application 1.0.3

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